Tree Surveys, Inspections and Reports

We undertake a number of different types of survey and report. The law says one should inspect trees on ones land at least once a year and when one thinks trees are dangerous (e.g. after a storm).

The purpose of a survey is often to determine whether a tree could forseeably cause harm due to size, physical condition and location. It is recognised that generally people do not have the expertise to look at symptoms and decide that a tree may be unsafe.

 It is therefore accepted that the occupier’s duty of care to inspect trees can be fulfilled by employing Treespace Ltd to complete a survey.

The minimum outcome of a tree survey would normally be:

  • Tree Type
  • Tree Size
  • Tree Condition
  • Proposed Work (If any)
  • Priority of Proposed Work

Reports we normally undertake are: Tree Hazard Evaluation Reports and Tree Reports for Planning (BS5837: 2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations)